No ATV'S, golf carts, etc. are permitted inside the PIT building at any time.  Outdoor parking will be a designated at the bottom of the PIT building ramp.

ALL PPL CLASSES including 6,200 Modified 4x4, 6,200 Modified 2WD, 8,000/8,500 Super Stock, 10,000 Pro Stock, 9,300 Super Farm and 8,000 diesel 4X4 trucks MUST have a safety hitch on the vehicle per PPL Rulebook guidelines. No exceptions to this rule will be made.  

All vehicles are requires to have a white neutral light.


Tractors and trucks requiring a smoke tube must include a mounting plate with bolts for smoke tube installed in a downward fashion to prevent catching on the outer liner of the main tube.  Bolt threads must be facing downward and away from the smoke tube liner.

Modified 2WD, Modified 4X4, 10 PS, Deisel 4X4, Lim Pro, SS and Super Farm will be teched by the current PPL Safety Rulebook (unless otherwise noted).

LT Pro will be teched by the current NTPA Rulebook.

Modified Mini, SB 4X4, Modified Turbo, Pro Farm, 78 Modified, LT Lim Turbo and Lim SS will be teched by the current Interstate Pullers ITTPA Rulebook.  

The Super Stock and 10,000 Pro Stock tractor classes will be governed as follows:

10,000 Pro Stock tractors will follow PPL Rules for their class with the following exception:
     1. Overhead cam is permitted
     2. No Super Stock tractors are permitted to run in the class.

Super Stock tractors will follow NTPA/PPL governed safety rules (the Association for your tractor).  NTPA participants are required to have a safety hitch.

Keystone notorized clutch papers for the event will govern the clutch rule (no NTPA clutch certification needed).

Super Stock Alcohol weights are:

     3+ Charger tractors - 7,800 lbs.
     Up to 2 Charger tractors - 8,000 lbs.

504 max. cubic inch.  No overhead cam permitted.

No Pro Stock tractors are permitted to run in the class.

Super Stock diesel tractors, component or ag chassis will weight 8,500 lbs. Overhead cam permitted.  No Pro Stock tractors are permitted to run in the class.

You must ensure that your tractor conforms to all smoke tube dimensions and no obstructions exist (ROPS, rollcage to pipe height, pipe brace, etc.).  Should you not be able to meet these requirements, you will not be permitted to hook and entries will be forfeited.  See all Tractor Smoke Tube specs and regulations at the link below.  

Puller Registration/Information: Destinee Palmer                                                 Ticket/General Information: JR

Technical Information: Curt                              HARRISBURG, PA                          Sponsor/Vendor Information: Jason