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Class Schedule

NOTE: Official pull order will not be determined until closer to the event.



Saturday AM

Saturday FINALS

11000lb Hot Farm (10,000 w/P Pump)

1850lb Small Block Mini (1st Flight)

6200lb Modified 4x4

7800lb Modified

2050lb Big Block Mini

7700lb Light Limited Turbo

10000lb Hot Stock

6300lb Outlaw 4x4 North

1850lb Small Block Mini (2nd Flight)

9300lb Super Farm

6200lb Modified 4x4

2050lb Big Block Mini Finals

10000lb Pro Stock

8000lb Diesel 4x4

6300lb Outlaw 4x4 South

8500lb Mod Turbo

1850lb Small Block Mini Finals

8000 Super Stock 

2050 SB Blown Mini 

8500lb Mod Turbo

4500lb Small Block 4x4

8500lb Light Pro

10000lb Pro Farm

6300lb Outlaw 4x4 Rebels

7700lb Light Limited Turbo

7800lb Modified

8700 Limited Pro 

9300lb Super Farm (Top 5)

8500lb Light Pro (Top 4-5)

7800 Modified (Top 8)

7700lb Light Limited Turbo (Top 8)

6200lb Modified 4x4 (Top 8)

10000lb Pro Stock (Top 3-4)

Super Stock (Top 3-4)

6300lb Outlaw 4x4 (Top 6)

4500lb Small Block 4x4 (Top 4)

8000lb Diesel 4x4 (Top 3)

8500lb Mod Turbo (Top 8)

10000lb Pro Farm (Top 5-6)

10000lb Hot Stock (Top 5)

8700lb Limited Pro (Top 4) 

2050lb Blown Mini (Top 4) 

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